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How to switch internet providers

switching internet providers

5 essential steps to make it easier

Not happy with your current internet provider? Or maybe you’ve spotted one of our low-cost plans, or one with better benefits. 

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s easier than you think to switch to Swoop today. Read on to find out how.


5 steps to switching internet providers:

1. Choose your speed.

2. Ensure an nbn®-ready modem.

3. Check in with your current plan.

4. Select your plan.

5. Contact Swoop.

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1. Choose your speed to switch internet providers

First, decide what speed you need. 

At Swoop, we offer a range of speed tiers, including the budget-friendly 25 Mbps plan, the 50 Mbps plan, the most popular 100 Mbps plan, the lightning-fast 250 Mbps plan and even an extraordinary 1000 Mbps plan

You can find out more about what speed you need here.

2. Ensure an nbn®-ready modem

Make sure you have an nbn®-ready modem. 

If you’re switching from ADSL or your modem is old and outdated, we can bundle your new plan with a brand new modem at an extra cost. If you already have a modem, you should simply be able to connect that.

3. Check in with your current plan

Find out whether you’re up for cancellation fees.

It’s worth considering whether you’re locked into a contract as leaving could see you paying early cancellation fees. If you’re close to the end of your contract, it might be worth waiting a little longer to avoid those fees. But don’t cancel your existing plan just yet! That will just leave you without internet while we get your new plan set up. 

At Swoop, all our plans come with no lock-in contract, so you can always change your plan to meet your needs.

4. Select your plan

Choose the nbn® plan that best suits your needs. 

This will depend on what you’re looking for: faster speeds, more reliable connection, lower price, better customer service or more extras. Read lots of reviews and ask friends for recommendations to get you started. 

If you’re keen to upgrade to fibre to the premises, signing up to our 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps or 1000 Mbps plan will trigger an upgrade – giving you access to the fastest, most reliable home internet in Australia.

5. Contact us

Get in touch to get connected.
When you’ve chosen a provider (did we mention how fast and reliable our internet is?) and a plan, get in contact about kick-starting the setup process. We make it super easy to connect with us, thanks to our dedicated local support team.

Give us a call on 1300 66 55 75.

How to switch providers: the technical details

If your email address or phone number is tied to your provider, make sure you organise taking your phone number with you. 

As mentioned earlier, you possibly won’t need a new modem, router or modem/router but you do need to check if yours is compatible. However, if your plan comes with one included, you might as well take the upgrade and use that one.

Your new internet service provider will now take care of switching your internet over to your new plan. It’s typically fairly smooth, with just an hour or two of downtime. 

Then make sure you’ve cancelled your old plan. Sometimes your new provider will let your old provider know you’ve switched, but the majority of the time you’re responsible for making sure you’ve ended your contract. You don’t want to end up paying for two internet plans!

Switching from ADSL or nbn® to wireless internet

The process for this is very similar to an nbn® to nbn® switch. Start by checking your premises are eligible for wireless internet here

You may need to buy a WiFi modem to get started – though these can be supplied with your plan. Once your new wireless modem arrives, just plug it in and you’ll be good to go!

Switching from ADSL to nbn®

Again, this process follows essentially the same steps as the nbn® to nbn® switch. First things first: check that your house is eligible for the nbn® speed you want here. And, if you’re renting, you’ll need to check whether your landlord is okay with you installing nbn® equipment. 

Many nbn® plans come with a new nbn®-ready modem either bundled into the cost of your plan or available as an add on if you’re opting for one of our no lock-in contracts.

If your current plan hasn’t ended, you might be able to avoid a contract-break free by switching to the nbn® with your current provider, then changing again when your contract is up. Otherwise, just sign up with your new provider and cancel your old one when the switch is done.

This can take a couple of days, but the Swoop support team is always on hand to walk you through it and help you get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Hear from happy customers!

Ready to make the switch?

If you have any other questions about switching to a new nbn® provider, get in touch with our friendly, Australia-based customer service team today.

Why choose Swoop?

  • Awesome value internet, 30 day money back and no lock-in contract!
  • The best internet performance with one of Australia’s fastest growing, Fixed Wireless networks
  • Reliability and peace of mind with high capacity, exclusive Swoop networks and locally-hosted content 
  • Seamless nbn® performance with no data caps and no overcrowding

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