Reseller Services

Sell services under your own brand and expand your product range with Swoop’s Reseller solutions.

Reseller delivered differently

Internet plans for residential and business customers,
delivered over a range of access technologies.

Fixed Wireless.

Our exclusive Swoop Fixed Wireless network is the high-speed alternative to conventional household fixed-line internet. Traditionally, internet will be delivered to homes through cables in the ground, and these cables can be old, worn out, and expensive to fix.

Our high-performance Fixed Wireless network bypasses these ageing copper networks by installing an antenna at your home or business that talks directly to one of our towers.

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The nbn® network allows customers to connect from more sites across Australia to our high-performance network, enabling reliable Internet connectivity with flexible bandwidth options and unlimited data.

Our nbn offerings are available over a range of nbn access technologies, including FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, and HFC.

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Enterprise Ethernet.

Enterprise Ethernet is NBN Co’s fastest symmetrical wholesale product and premium-grade business offering. It has options for high capacity and symmetrical upload and download wholesale speeds from 10Mbps to close to 1Gbps, and a range of enhanced support options.

The service also has a low contention ratio and as a result doesn’t suffer from congestion compared to other services.

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Reseller Voice Services.

Swoop Reseller Voice, powered by Seventeen Services provides more than your traditional Voice services with inbound services, SIP Trunk & Connectivity and Microsoft Team Calling giving your Voice business the ability to thrive.

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