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Business SIP Trunks

Swoop SIP Trunks include unlimited calling to local, national, 1300, and mobile numbers, with an option to add on international numbers.

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Is your existing PABX system SIP trunk compatible?

If yes, then Swoop unlimited SIP trunking is the perfect for your business, delivered via two offerings, Domestic, and Domestic Plus.

Our Domestic option includes unlimited calling to local, national, 1300, and mobile numbers.

Domestic Plus offers users all the same benefits as Domestic, plus 16 international destinations.

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Business SIP Trunks FAQ’s

How do I sign up for a Swoop Business SIP Trunks service?

Simply fill out the contact form on this page and one of our Business Voice Specialists will be in touch to discuss your options.

What is a SIP trunk?

A SIP trunk enables your business to make and receive both local and long-distance calls over the internet. It transforms a traditional copper phone line into VoIP, delivered through high-speed internet.

SIP trunking employs an on-site PBX server to direct incoming calls via virtual channels. A SIP trunk channel acts as the digital equivalent of a conventional phone line, requiring your business to have one SIP trunk channel for each concurrent call.

Choosing the right SIP trunk provider can really help your business grow.

If you wish to discover more about SIP Trunks or seek advice on the best telco solution for your business, consult with our Australian-based business specialists.

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What do I need to get set up with SIP trunks?

For SIP Trunk setup, you’ll need:

  • A PABX that is SIP Compatible – If your phone system is incompatible with SIP Trunks, you can utilise an ATA Analogue to VoIP Adapter to enable functionality.
  • A stable internet connection with 103Kbps in each direction for each concurrent call.

Need some help? Reach out to our team to learn more.

How compatible are Swoop SIP Trunks with most PABX systems?

Swoop SIP Trunks are compatible with 95% of PABX systems.

Reach out to our team with your specific model for confirmation, we love to chat!

What does a SIP Trunk cost?

The cost of a SIP Trunk can vary widely depending on several factors such as the provider, the number of channels (or simultaneous calls) required, the location, and any additional features or services included.

Here at Swoop, we offer affordable SIP Trunk pricing plans, starting at just $25 per month.

What is the difference between SIP Trunking and VOIP?

SIP trunking and VoIP are related technologies for internet-based communication. VoIP refers to the broad technology enabling calls over the internet, while SIP trunking is a method of using VoIP specifically to connect a private branch exchange (PBX) to the internet, allowing for multiple voice channels.

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What is the difference between a SIP Trunk and an extension?

A SIP trunk connects a PBX to the internet for multiple voice channels, while an extension is an internal line within the PBX system, allowing direct calls between users in the same business without using external phone lines.

What ports are used for SIP trunk?

For SIP trunking, the following ports are commonly used:

  • SIP Signalling: Port 5060 is used for SIP signalling over UDP or TCP. For encrypted signalling (using TLS), port 5061 is typically used.
  • Media (RTP/RTCP): Real-Time Protocol (RTP) for media streams (such as voice and video) usually uses dynamic port ranges that can start from 10000 to 20000, but the exact range can be configured based on the system or provider’s requirements.

It’s important to ensure these ports are properly configured and opened in any firewalls or network security systems to allow SIP trunking traffic to pass through without issues.

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Who is Seventeen Services?

Seventeen Services is the specialised voice division operating within the Swoop company framework.

When reviewing your Voice invoices, you’ll notice Seventeen Services listed, and you may also interact with them over the phone when contacting us.

We function as a unified entity, working collaboratively to ensure our customers receive the best possible experience.

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