Innovative internet with no lock-in contracts

Our Business Fixed Wireless solutions are secure and speedy. Whether you have five staff or five hundred, with Swoop as your business internet provider, you can always count on your connection to meet your needs.

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Switch to Swoop Fixed Wireless today!

Fast, reliable internet

Accelerate your business with Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Fixed Wireless speeds. Flexibility to meet your business requirements.

Local experts to support you

Our Bronze Business-Grade SLA comes included, with Silver and Gold options available. Speak directly to the experts who can help. No overseas call centres!

No lock-in contracts, no slowdowns

Freedom to cancel anytime, just pay out your setup fee. Unlimited data so you can enjoy streaming all day, every day.

High-capacity network

On of Australia’s largest, fastest, independent Fixed Wireless networks. Super-low congestion. Cutting-edge technology

Fixed line failover

Your business works while your internet works. Bundle with our Business nbn™ for a backup service at a discounted price

Quick speeds, quick setup

No long wait times. One of the fastest ways to upgrade your business internet to the speed it needs.

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About Business Fixed Wireless

What is Swoop’s exclusive Fixed Wireless?

Super-fast, reliable internet for your business.

Our Swoop Fixed Wireless Internet network is the high-speed alternative to conventional household fixed-line internet, such as nbn™. Traditionally, your internet will be delivered to your home through cables in the ground, and these cables can be old, worn out, and expensive to fix.

With Fixed Wireless, Swoop bypasses these legacy networks by installing an antenna at your home or business which talks wirelessly to one of our communications towers. No phone line and no nbn required! Simply plug your router into the professionally installed data point in your wall and prepare for life in the fast lane.

Business support options

All Swoop Business plans come with an standard Business-Grade SLA , with Bronze, Silver and Gold options available to order.

Why should I choose it over other solutions?

More than 60% of Australians can’t get over 100 Mbps on their nbn™ service. If your nbn™ connection is failing you, don’t feel stuck. Our Fixed Wireless network provides the best solution for thousands of happy Australians who were hampered by their existing service.

Are there more bundle speeds available?

We do! This is just a sample of what we have available for Swoop Business Fixed Wireless and nbn™ Business Bundles.

For more information, please call our local business service team on 1300 224 600.

Why bundle? For peace of mind, at an exceptional price.

A consistent internet connection is vital to running your business. Bundle our high-capacity, exclusive Fixed Wireless network with a Business nbn™ service for reliable failover.

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