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nbn® 100, also known as the nbn® Home Fast plan, offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

Faster nbn® means it’s easier to share and connect. nbn® 100 plans are a great choice for households of up to four or five people, allowing everyone to stream, game and download at the same time. And with upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps, it will keep the whole family moving online.

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Better yet, nbn® 100 plans are available across all fixed line nbn® technologies, so you can connect with whatever fibre you’re on.

Need something faster? Check out our nbn® 1000 plan.

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nbn® 100 plans FAQs

How fast is nbn® 100?

nbn® 100, as the name suggests, offers a download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 20 or 40 Mbps. That’s fast enough for a household of up to four people to download, stream and game on different devices simultaneously.

To put that into context, this would theoretically allow you to download a full-length 4k film in just two minutes. That kind of speed sound good? Contact us to connect to our Home Fast plan today.

You can check whether your address is eligible here.

Is 100 Mbps good for 4K streaming

Yes, all the popular streaming sites have confirmed that 100 Mbps is plenty for 4K streaming – even on several devices at the same time.

Is nbn® 100 good for gaming?

While some gamers insist that you need 250 Mbps or even 1000 Mbps for serious gaming, the reality is that nbn® 100 is more than fast enough for most online gamers. If you experience issues at this speed, check your hardware (modem and cables) to find the cause of any latency.

What does nbn® 100/20 mean?

nbn® 100/20 refers to the download and upload speed of the nbn® Home Fast tier. Our nbn® 100 plan offers a zippy 100 Mbps of download speed backed up by 20 Mbps of upload speed, to keep your household moving fast online.

Is my nbn® plan capped at 100 Mbps?

If your property uses a fibre-to-the-node connection that relies on older copper wires, you may find that your nbn® speeds are capped at 100 Mbps. If you need more speed, you’ll need to upgrade to FTTP and sign up to a 250 Mbps or 1000 Mbps plan.

But with our super reliable Home Fast plan, you’ll find that being limited to 100 Mbps is no hardship. The best nbn® 100 plans will be more than fast enough for a household of up to four people who game, stream and download.

Can I get faster than nbn® 100?

To get a faster speed than nbn® 100, you will need to be connected to a fibre to the premises (FTTP) connection. If you’re already connected to FTTC or FTTN and you’re eligible for the upgrade (you can check your address here), the process is simple. Just place an order with us for one of the three fastest speed tiers – that includes the 100, 250 and 1000 Mbps plans – and NBN Co will arrange for a technician to connect your property.

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