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We operate Australia’s best IP Transit network.

Swoop’s IP Transit product has been built to specifically meet the evolving demands of our Wholesale customers.

We operate the most connected IP network in Australia and strive for the lowest hop count to networks of interest, and have connected with Tier 1 transit providers within Australia to ensure complete coverage with fast access to domestic content and destinations.

Swoop IP Transit includes access to DDoS protection as standard, making it an all-inclusive, price-competitive solution. It also comes with additional options such as aggregated billing and the provision to Burst up to port speeds, driven based on agreed ratios.

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DDoS protection.

Swoop’s DDoS Protection solution is designed to mitigate DDoS attacks quickly and at our network’s edge so that your Swoop IP Transit links stay up and running, irrespective of the size and duration of attacks.

DDoS Protection is included as part of Swoop IP Transit services, so there are no additional charges and it gets into action from the moment the Swoop IP Transit service is provisioned and activated.

All Swoop IP Transit customers get access to the portal that provides real-time visibility into attacks.

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Cutting edge Voice products.

Leverage our innovative voice services delivered over our specialist network built for you and your customers.

Simplified add-on voice offerings including:

  • SIP Trunks
  • Inbound Services
  • Call Termination
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Hosted Voice Services
  • SMS
  • Microsoft Teams Calling

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Layer 2 Ethernet.

Swoop Ethernet products provides high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to your business locations, major data centres and peering exchanges. Our Ethernet products provides industry compliant specifications, wide reach and scalable bandwidth to meet your service availability and performance requirements.

The Swoop network covers a global footprint including our fully redundant POP’s across Australia and our POP’s in New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. Using a combination of multiple carriers and paths within Australia and multiple subsea cables to international destinations, we provide high quality Ethernet services to meet your coverage needs.

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The Dark Fibre Specialists.

Dark Fibre is a dedicated, point-to-point, optical fibre connection with unrestricted data transmission capacity that enables you to build your own high-performance network. Your Dark Fibre link has no third-party carrier equipment between your end points and therefore gives you maximum performance, security and reliability.

We are also prepared to work with customers to construct links to our existing network to provide a secure Dark Fibre pathway to meet the customer’s requirements. Swoop Dark Fibre opens the door to limitless connectivity with our proven experience in delivering hyperscale, multi fibre and “A to B” solutions.

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