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Need ultra-fast and super-reliable business internet speeds to give you a competitive edge? Join Swoop for the flexibility to suit your needs, at any size. Keep your business running with our 100% local team and business-grade support.

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What does Swoop business internet offer me?

Our business internet lets your business go about everyday tasks without the speed humps or headaches. Our internet is built to support businesses looking to access the cloud, run VoIP, video conference, security and surveillance applications, VPNs and data hosting. Swoop Broadband services are delivered from our own, independent, telecommunications network. We commit to deliver the speed we sell out and your upload and download speed is the same. We provide a static IP address is provided with each service.

Why is business support important?

With business internet, you can expect internet that works! But if there’s a problem you’d like to trouble shoot give us a call. We have a dedicated support team based here in Australia quick to help, so there’s no need to wait on the phone for hours. We operate and own our network so we don’t need to wait for another Telco to trouble shoot and get back to us so neither should you.

How much data am I likely to use?

All our business plans include unlimited downloads. However, as a general guide, 1GB of data use will let you:

  • receive 1000 emails
  • surf the web for 20 hours
  • watch 10 four-minute YouTube video clips
  • watch three hours of television on ABC iview
  • download 200 four-minute music track
  • download 400 photos.

This guide is based on the following assumptions: Email received at 100KB per email, web browsing at 30MB per hour, music download at 4MB per track, photo downloads at 2MB per photo. Note that Youtube videos can vary greatly in their size depending on the resolution downloaded and how they have been created.

How can I check my data use?

You can login to the Swoop portal to check your data use at any time.

How are Swoop services installed?

We provide internet all the way to your building by installing a small antenna on your roof. Pretty cool right?

How is my service and account secured?

We provide access to account and service data through a portal which is also secured through a username and password.

Only authorised points of contact nominated by our customers will be provided account details or will be permitted to make changes to customers’ account.

How do I pay for my service?

Swoop sends an electronic invoice to our customers each month, and we charge for each month’s service in advance. Payments can be made via BPAY, credit card or direct debit . You are billed the same amount each month as all services include unlimited data.

How is the service supported?

You can call us, email us or lodge a support ticket via the Swoop Business Portal. This will reach our network operations team. Business services are supported 24/7.

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