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FTTP upgrade

fttp upgrade

Are you eligible to upgrade to FTTP with the nbn® FTTP rollout?

Good news: if you don’t already have FTTP at your premises, you’re probably eligible for an FTTP upgrade now or in the near future. 

NBN Co. is on track to enable up to 10 million premises, or up to 90% of homes and businesses in Australia, to access faster internet through FTTP.

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nbn® FTTP rollout

Eligibility for FTTP depends on your location and the availability of the technology in your area. 

To find out more about the FTTP rollout you can visit the FTTP upgrade map on NBN Co. 

You can also check whether you’re in one of the nbn® FTTP upgrade suburbs due to be included in the rollout this year.

Or enter your address here to see whether we can connect you with an FTTP plan.

How to get an nbn® FTTP upgrade

If FTTP is available in your area, you can trigger an upgrade at eligible premises simply by placing an order for one of the three highest speed tiers. This includes our nbn® Home Fast, Home Superfast and Home Ultrafast FTTP plans. Find out more about our FTTP plans here.

If you’re looking for FTTP plans to run your business, you can trigger an upgrade with our Business nbn® 250, Business nbn® 500 and Business nbn® 1000 plans.

To upgrade to FTTP, you may need to arrange for an nbn® technician to visit your premises and install the necessary equipment. 

This can include replacing your existing nbn® connection box with a new FTTP connection box, installing new cabling and connecting your devices to the new network.

Whether you’re looking for an FTTN to FTTP, or an FTTC to FTTP upgrade, the process will be the same.

Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade HFC to FTTP.

nbn® FTTP upgrade cost

The cost of upgrading to FTTP will vary depending on your location and the complexity of the installation. 

In most cases, the upgrade will be covered by NBN Co. or your ISP; in certain cases, you may need to pay for the upgrade yourself. Check with NBN Co. to determine the nbn® FTTP upgrade cost.

Benefits of an FTTP upgrade

Upgrading to FTTP can seriously improve your internet experience. With faster speeds, you can enjoy smoother video streaming, faster downloads, and improved online gaming performance. You can also connect more devices to your network without experiencing slowdowns or lag.

If you’re a business owner, you may find upgrading to FTTP even more beneficial. With faster internet speeds, your business will operate more efficiently, and allow you to compete more effectively in a global marketplace. 

FTTP is flexible, too. You can trigger an upgrade by signing up to our nbn® 100 Mbps Home Fast plan, then easily increase your speed to a 250 Mbps or even 1000 Mbps plan when you need even faster internet.

FTTP upgrade

Upgrading to an FTTP nbn® connection can be as simple as signing up to a higher speed internet plan. Find out more about our FTTP plans here.


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