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VISP troubleshooting toolset & new DDoS platform

Kicking off 2020 hard and fast, it’s appropriate to launch our new DDoS detection and mitigation toolset, stopping DDoS hard and fast.

DDoS is a problem not going away anytime soon, shifting our focus to faster detection and IPv6 integration, Anycast DDoS protection now also incorporates monitoring and assurance functionality, so don’t just take our word for it, test your IP defence anytime through simple.anycast.com.au.

IP Transit usage visibility is now available through simple.anycast.com.au showing aggregate daily usage and monthly P95 (95th percentile) information daily.

VISP monitoring and QA functionality is now available through simple.anycast.com.au with visibility into aggregate user sessions online allowing rapid diagnosis of access network faults (for nbn or other access network providers) as well as PPPoE session search and control functions, for both CGNAT, IPv4 native, or IPv4 IPv6 dual stack. Search by IP, MAC, PPPoE username, or other identifiers to kick, test, or view logging information. A new PPPoE test feature allows a username password combination to test connect to the BNG arrays and reports back the PPPoE profile, useful for shaper or profile checks.

 As we progress through 2020, expect more features further enhancing both the VISP & DDoS tool set.

If you don’t have access to SIMPLE, please contact our support team to configure, or reset your account.

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