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The best and wackiest gadgets of 2021

It’s the world’s biggest tech conference, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is better known as the one time of the year that all the tech nerds (or genius’, depending on what you’re looking at) get to showcase what they can come up with when they’re told to let their imagination run wild! 

Here’s our pick of the best, weirdest, and just-wow devices showcased at CES 2021.  

Mudra Apple Watchband 

The Mudra watchband lets you control your smartwatch by using hand gestures. Imagine tapping your fingers together to answer a call! It means you can use your watch without using the touchscreen, which makes it great for people with disabilities. 

Project Brooklyn  

It’s a gaming chair, but on steroids. The standout feature of the chair is a massive 60-inch rollable OLED screen that wraps around a user’s head, giving them a full 180-degree view.  

Foldable phones 

No, it’s not a flip phone from the noughties–it’s a smartphone that can be folded and rolled, turning it into a tablet. Why we need this is a bit of a head-scratcher, but sure. 

The ColdSnap 

It makes soft-serve ice cream in 90 seconds–and that’s pretty much all you need to know about the ColdSnap. It’s a little like a SodaStream–you insert a canister, press a button, and viola! 

The Eco Remote Control 

If you’re the battery buyer in your home, you’ll know how many are chewed up by remotes. You’ll also be pleased to hear that Samsung has come up with a remote control, made from recycled plastic, and featuring panels that enables it to be charged by sunlight.

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