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How to stay connected during lockdown

No matter how often we hear politicians and celebrities tell us ‘we’re all in this together!’ it’s sometimes difficult during periods of coronavirus lockdown, to shake that feeling of isolation. 

And it doesn’t matter how many people live in your home, staying connected to those friends, family members and colleagues we’re not seeing in person is vital to our emotional wellbeing. 

Here are some simple ways to stay connected and beat loneliness, even when public health orders mean not leaving the house. 

Book online family catch-ups

Just seeing the face of those you love, hearing them laugh, and sharing gossip can do wonders for your happiness, but too often online family catch-ups can find themselves being pushed down the list of priorities. That’s why you need to schedule regular get togethers–and keep them.  

You will need to make sure your internet service delivers reliable, crisp and clear online meetings – upgrade if necessary. 

If you can interact with others safely, do!

Can you speak to your neighbours from over a fence or across balconies? Even a quick hello to the delivery person through the window can make your day a little brighter–and theirs as well. 

Think of how you can help others

Text that single mum friend to see how she’s doing; phone an elderly neighbour to make sure they’re ok. You’ll soon discover that helping others gives you purpose and satisfaction and restores those feelings of being part of a community. 

Spend time with the people you live with

 What, you ask? Aren’t we spending enough time together? There’s a difference between being in the same room with someone and actually connecting with them. Play a board game with your kids; cook dinner with your partner; watch a movie as a family. 

Taking steps to manage the stress of lockdown will help ward off loneliness and help you better connect

Exercise, meditate, go for walks, ride your bike, get out in the fresh air. It’s these little steps that will help us get through a lockdown and help re-enter the world when lockdown ends. 

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