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Promote your community event online

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We’ve all either been to one or, gulp, hosted one: the party where no one – or practically no one – shows up. Apart from the obvious cringe factor, it can be super frustrating because you just know it would have been a cracking party…if more people had turned up. People are the essential ingredient in every event – and this is particularly true if you’re holding a community event. A community is actually, by definition, a group of people.

So how can you guarantee your next local event goes off with a bang? It’s all about where you post your ads – and we’ve got the best tried and true online places to do it.

Facebook community groups

From Gippsland to Geelong, every community has several Facebook community groups. There’s probably a buy, swap, sell group; a local traders group; a friends and neighbours group. These are your direct and easy ways to get in front of the people you want at your event.

Post information about your event across all these groups, including important information like the event date, time and location. If the event has happened before, try to include a picture that best captures the vibe. Also, post more than once and with every ad put in some urgency: “Hurry, just one week to go!”


Chances are you have purchased tickets to an event through Eventbrite – it’s the online ticketing system anyone can use; all you need is a bank account, and an event! Eventbrite is super easy to use and set up an event, but the best part of Eventbrite is that it can be used to publicise your event too.

When you set up an event, you pick out key words and location, so when people are searching for things to do in Pakenham, for example, your event shows up. Or, when they are searching for specific events, for example local theatre productions, your event will show up too.

If you wanted to throw a little cash behind it, you can always boost your Eventbrite ad on Facebook, targeting the local area.

Local council sites

Local councils love giving a shout out to local events because they bring people into the community and support local traders – and most councils have a webpage where you list and promote your local event for free.

In Geelong, it’s the Events Geelong page (LINK: https://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/events/register/article/item/8d53d5ac089c7f0.aspx); people in the Pakenham area list theirs on the Cardinia Events page (LINK: https://www.cardinia.vic.gov.au/events); and people in Gippsland always check out the Gippsland Events page (LINK: https://www.eastgippsland.vic.gov.au/leisure/events) when making their weekend plans.

Other ways to promote locally

You should also think about promoting your event through the newsletters and on the website of local businesses and community groups. Sure, they might not have the huge number of visitors as Facebook Groups or Eventbrite, but what they lack in numbers, church newsletters and RSL noticeboards for example, make up in loyalty and trust.

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