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IP Transit with DDoS protection

IP Transit is a Carrier Grade Internet Access product that allows you to aggregate all your internet needs, essentially allowing you to operate like a carrier.

Swoop operates the most connected IP Network in Australia (https://bgp.he.net/country/AU) which means we get to the source of the content faster & with lower latency. This also means that we can provide faster issue resolution by limiting the amount of instances where third party support departments need to be engaged. If you don’t believe us, test our routes at: http://lg.as58511.net/looking-glass/

We connect to a number of Tier 1 transit and peering providers (https://www.peeringdb.com/asn/58511) within Australia and overseas to ensure complete coverage with fast access to the content you need. We also host multiple edge caching services domestically from key international content providers across our network that accelerates the speed of access to popular content.

Swoop also has dedicated diverse capacity on numerous subsea cables, spanning different parts of the globe, to ensure rapid access. Our network connectivity map (https://anycast.co/network-map/) includes access on cable systems including Southern Cross, ASC, AJC/AAG, SMW-3, Hawaiki and Indigo. This allows Swoop to provide uninterrupted service in the event of a subsea cable failure.

Swoop IP Transit includes access our DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection as standard. Via our portal you can monitor your IP Transit services in real-time. A major feature of the portal is the ability to configure a “webhook” from our DDoS system to alert you via any method of your choice. Many of our customers are using this to integrate with tools like Slack so that alerts appear within their in-house systems.

With flexible BGP communities (https://anycast.co/bgp-communities/),  Swoop’s IP Transit service allows you to take only the Transit you need and filter out your peering traffic with others. RPKI functionality provides protection against accidental route leaks, deliberate hijacks and other weaknesses in the BGP protocol. This also means we are able to accept your new prefixes, without the need for you to update us.

This cost effective solution can be delivered across multiple ports spread across Australia and New Zealand (to see where you can connect to Swoop, go to: https://anycast.co/network-map/). Based on a single commercial construct of aggregating committed and burst capacity across all ports, this saves you buying multiple single services per location and also reduces your backhaul costs.

Swoop can provide you with a test service to find out how our Network performs against your current provider, while also allowing you to test our DDoS capabilities (you can initiate a DDoS attack on the test circuit via our portal).

For more information, please contact your Swoop Account Manager, visit https://anycast.co or call 1300 333 200.

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