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IP Transit Update


Currently, Swoop sends traffic to our tier 1 IP partners based on the best advertised prefixes and the distance between where the traffic entering the Swoop network and our partner. We will be rolling out a change to take advantage of the additional information our partners offer to us and take advantage of where in the world our partner learnt the prefix.

For example, after the change, a prefix that is learnt in Europe by one of our tier 1 IP partners and advertised to us in Europe, will now be preferred over that same prefix learnt by a partner in Europe and advertised to Swoop in the US. If a partner learns the same prefix in the US and Europe and advertises it to us in both locations, then there will be no change in how traffic behaves.

We will continue to prefer the connections to other networks we have established via our extensive connections to Internet Exchanges both in Australia and internationally, as they allow us even more direct connections than via our tier 1 IP partners.

This change will allow us to send traffic to our tier 1 IP partners closer to the original source of the traffic and provide a better overall experience for our IP Transit customers.

New Partner

Swoop will also be connecting with PCCW’s tier 1 IP network in the near future. Their extensive international network, especially in the APAC region, will provide our customers even more direct connections to networks around the world.

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