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How fitness apps can help you reach your goals quicker

We’ve all got those pieces of workout equipment in our homes that were bought with the best of intentions–I’m going to have abs of steel in just three weeks!–but are now lying forgotten under our beds or gathering dust in our garages.  

So are fitness apps just the digital version of the 80s thigh master? 

Actually, no! Fitness apps have become very popular over the past few years, largely because they include fitness in our lives. 

Here’s how… 

1. They’re with you 24/7

Health and fitness apps on wearable devices, like Apple Watches, track your activity throughout the day and can prompt you when you need it. They tell you when you have been sitting down for too long when you should drink some water—and give out tips and inspiration throughout the day. 

2. They allow you to plan and track

Fitness apps let you plan your goals for the week, and then track how you’re going. They tell us how close we are to reaching 10,000 steps per day; how many yoga classes we’ve gone to; and remind us we need to do 15 minutes of meditation before we go to bed. They let us see where and when we’re falling behind, so we can stay on track, and they celebrate achievements and milestones. 

3. They are motivating!

Most health and fitness apps are designed with the knowledge that getting off the couch can be the biggest obstacle to health and fitness, and give us little pep talks or inspiration throughout the day. 

4. They let you compete with others

There’s a reason professional athletes run with each other–nothing makes you work harder than the desire to leave your friend for dust. Connect your wearable device to your friends’ and you’ll be able to see what they’re doing, and then beat them. You might even become the ‘local legend’ of your area for a specific running track.

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