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Business Fibre – our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet product

It’s being called the fibre network designed with the future in mind – and nbn™’s Enterprise Ethernet (EE) is more important to the business than ever before.

The way businesses operate is changing rapidly, with video conferencing, accessing cloud-based applications, and working on shared networks a part of the daily operations of most businesses.

Our ‘Business Fibre’ – an EE product is a fast and adaptable product that provides security and meets the needs of businesses, big or small, allowing them to be productive, collaborative and innovative. Most importantly, Enterprise Ethernet is able to meet their evolving digital needs and scale to grow.

Swoop’s Business Fibre will supercharge your business!

Flexibility to best supports business needs and applications

If your business runs on the cloud, or if productivity depends on the ability to upload and download documents fast, the high-performance fibre network speeds will allow your employees to work efficiently and in real-time.

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Our Business Fibre offers symmetrical connectivity, which means that both download and upload speeds are identical. Upload and download speed tiers range from 100/100Mbps to nearly 1Gbps.

Symmetrical connectivity ensures consistent connectivity and performance, making it essential in maintaining business infrastructure performance.

Grows with your business

Business Fibre is designed to be scaled as your business changes. Perhaps you’ve increased the number of employees, or maybe you’ve recently adopted bandwidth-heavy applications. Whenever your business needs change, Business Fibre’s agility makes it able to change as well.

Priority data option

During high peak times, traffic over the nbn network can exceed the capacity of the network, causing congestion and slowing connection speeds. It’s these times that being a priority customer can make a real difference.

With our Business Fibre priority data option, your business applications can be prioritised ahead of other residential and business data using the nbn™ network.

This means that for the applications using priority data, there should be less congestion, and it’s business as usual.

High-performance fibre network

Swoop’s Business Fibre runs on a complete fibre network, which includes dedicated fibre between premises and the Fibre Access Node.

Enterprise Ethernet is a premium grade solution that’s tailored to meet the demands of businesses, optimising performance and helping minimise downtime. If you have any questions about our Business Fibre, just reach out to our friendly staff for more information.

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