International Roaming

If you are travelling overseas and would like to use your service, you will need to set up the international roaming service. We will require the following from you to establish the international roaming rates service: 1) A $200 international roaming prepayment. If this amount is not used or if there is more than $50 credit left upon your return to Australia then we can refund this unused amount after 30 days since your arrival upon your request. 2) A direct debit via a credit/debit card added to your account Please note, charges are incurred for calls made AND received whilst roaming (i.e. whilst overseas). International roaming calls are not subject to GST. International roaming calls are determined by overseas carriers in the country you are in, plus the standard Network & Service Provider surcharges.
Post-Paid Roaming RatesTypeCost (AUD)
To make a callOutbound Voice Call$1.59 per minute
To receive a callInbound Voice Call$1.59 per minute
To access voicemailVoicemail Access$1.59 per minute
SMS to an Australian or Non Australian NumberSMS$0.53 per SMS (160 characters)
MMS to an Australian number (per message)MMS$0.80 + Data @ $0.01035/10KB
MMS to a non-Australian number (per message)MMS$0.80 + Data @ $0.01035/10KB
To receive MMS (SMS is free to receive)Data$0.01035/10KB
GPRS / 3G DataData / 10KB$0.01035/10KB (~$1085 per GB)
If you are on a Cruise ship you will incur Maritime Roaming Charges which are around double the cost of the previously mentioned charges, so for Data these charges can reach up to $2170 per gigabyte. One hour of streaming YouTube or a similar video service could use this amount of data.