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Fixed Wireless broadband Adelaide

Our Fixed Wireless internet is a game changer – it’s fast, reliable and built to last!

Upgrade today to blisteringly fast Fixed Wireless Internet from Swoop Broadband, one of Adelaide’s fastest growing independent internet providers.

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Broadband Plans Adelaide FAQs

What is Swoop’s exclusive Fixed Wireless?

What is the Swoop Fixed Wireless network?

Swoop Fixed Wireless transmits an internet connection directly to an antenna we install on your property. You then avoid the hassles of conventional internet (traditional fixed line), where cables can get damaged or worn out.

  • You can receive information from up to 30km away with our Adelaide-based Fixed Wireless broadband network to get fast internet speeds
  • Our Fixed Wireless plans offer you unlimited data and low congestion that allows you to use the internet effectively.
  • Enjoy your time on the internet with our no lock-in plans that offer speeds of up to 150 Mbps and premium evening speed.

Swoop is investing in growing our Fixed Wireless broadband service throughout Adelaide.

Find out more about our Fixed Wireless options for your home by searching your address. 

What is the difference between broadband and nbn®?

A wireless broadband connection involves data transmitted between your premises and a satellite or tower wirelessly.

Fixed wireless is usually used in regional and remote areas when the distance between premises can be many kilometres, or in suburbs that haven’t been connected to high-speed nbn® yet.

Swoop’s Fixed Wireless service can translate into faster and more stable connections than mobile broadband, with less congestion during peak periods as there is greater control over the number of connections supported by one tower.

In contrast, the nbn® relies on a fixed line: a physical line or cable connecting your premises to a nearby fibre node, either the existing copper line or pay TV cable, or an actual fibre optic line. The older of these wires can get worn out and if you live further out, you may not even get the wires travelling to your property.

For fast broadband plans in Adelaide and surrounds, you may want to consider Fixed Wireless.

Who has the highest internet speed in SA?

If you’re in the Adelaide region and your nbn® connection isn’t cutting it, look to Swoop for impressively fast Fixed Wireless in Adelaide and surrounds.

Because we own our own Fixed Wireless infrastructure, we can guarantee stable connections, high speed and no line congestion (even during peak hour).

We offer an incredibly fast 500 Mbps Fixed Wireless plan that will keep even the busiest household moving at speed.

Fewer users? Our 250 Mbps plan is still impressively fast.

Check out our Fixed Wireless broadband plans and get in touch with our local customer service team to get connected today.

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