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Voice Services

Integrity, reliability, customer focus.

Swoop Wholesale Voice service offerings

Call Termination Services (CTS)

Call termination may seem mundane, but it is important to get it right. With highly available switching infrastructure, boasting a depth of routing using quality suppliers to ensure resilience, we will deliver your traffic to its destination reliably & efficiently.

Flexibility for your business

Our switch offers the flexibility to customise your outbound routing as required, varying anything from available Calls Per Second (CPS), supplier selection or whitelisting a subset of destinations. We also offer you the flexibility to present any codec and we will ensure it is transcoded optimally for the termination network. We allow you to dynamically burst your channel capacity to cater for special events or unusual customer demand – every now and then, everyone needs a little more.

Reliable traffic features

Swoop Wholesale offers a full A to Z termination list, using tier 1 termination suppliers, for any international traffic you may want to send our way. White and black listing of destinations is available to help mitigate risk of fraudulent traffic. Trend based alerting is also in place for all international traffic passed through the Swoop Wholesale switch.

Inbound Services

Swoop Wholesale offers the provision of both Australian and New Zealand geographic and toll free numbers. For the majority of geographic locations & areas, these numbers are kept in stock to reduce provisioning lead times.

Swoop Wholesale also offers Australian Freephone (1800) Local Rate (13/1300) Numbers and New Zealand toll free numbers, routed either directly to your network, or through our advanced IN platform.

Our IN platform features & capabilities

  • Simple one to one translation

  • Advanced one to many translations. Time of Day / hunt schemes

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Area based Routing

  • Comprehensive Call Reports & Statistics
  • Extra features: Call Recording, Pre-connection Greeting, Whisper, Queues and Missed Call Notification

Porting made easy

Leveraging our global partners, Swoop Wholesale can also offer ITFS numbers sourced from around the world.

If you do have your own numbers and love the service we provide, moving your numbers is easy. Swoop Wholesale can port your numbers onto our network, with most types of numbers in Australia and New Zealand covered. Porting can be complex, but we will provide you with the knowledge, tools and support to facilitate the best porting experience.

Contact your Wholesale Account Manager, or call us on 1300 333 200.