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    I want Enterprise Ethernet (EE) for my business, what are the benefits?
    • Enterprise Ethernet (EE) sports symmetrical speeds, meaning your upload speed is the same as your download speed which is lightning fast!
    • EE can support cloud based computing, video conferencing and heavy usage across your whole business with ease.
    • EE runs on a complete fibre network including a business grade NTD with direct access to the fibre access node. The service also has a low contention ratio and as a result doesn’t suffer from congestion compared to other services.
    • If you currently have a FFTN/FTTC or HFC connection and want to migrate your server to the cloud, or use a cloud based PABX but your current TC4 service is not good enough to handle that traffic – Enterprise Ethernet is for you!
    • If you require EE for a large business with over 100 people, or internet for a school, we suggest browsing the higher speed tiers as well as contacting our support team to determine which plan suits your organisational needs.
    • You are supported by the nbn Operations Centre who are dedicated to supporting businesses. They provide 24×7 assurance support and offer fast restoration options to all service providers with business nbn Enterprise Ethernet customers.
    Are there more bundled speeds available?

    Absolutely! This is just a sample of what we have available for Swoop Business Fixed Wireless and nbn™ Business Bundles.

    For more information, call our local business service team on 1300 224 600.


    What is Enterprise Ethernet?

    Enterprise Ethernet is NBN Co’s fastest symmetrical wholesale product and premium-grade business offering. It has options for prioritised traffic, high capacity and symmetrical upload and download wholesale speeds from 10Mbps to close to 1Gbps, and a range of enhanced support options.


    What are my Business support options?

    All Swoop Business plans come with a standard Business-Grade SLA , with Bronze, Silver and Gold options available to order.

    Additionally, the team at Swoop are backed by the business nbn™ Operations Centre and business-grade delivery team.

    Swoop Business Fibre is flexible and powerful enough for any business requirements

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