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Our very own Fixed Wireless network and fast nbn™ makes sure you get fast, reliable Pakenham internet.

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Building better internet in Pakenham

We’re committed to providing better internet for Pakenham locals.

  • Exclusive Fixed Wireless network built in Pakenham.
  • Purpose built towers providing Pakenham faster & more reliable internet service.
  • Great deals for Pakenham locals from $69/month.
  • 120/20Mbps internet plans from $89/month.
  • Customer support team based right here in regional Victoria.
  • Quick internet connection.

Choose Swoop Broadband as your Pakenham focused internet provider

Study, work & play better

Our own high capacity networks means everything, from video conferencing to streaming Netflix, performs better for you.

Local experts to support you

The entire Swoop Broadband team are based in Australia. Speak directly to our team of experts who can help. No overseas call centres.

Lightning fast, no slowdowns

No speed throttling and low congestion on all internet types. Keeping you in the fast lane with up to 1000 Mbps!

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Fixed Wireless Internet Pakenham

Are you interested in super-fast internet speeds? You can get the speeds you want with reliable fixed wireless internet in Pakenham. Swoop uses an exclusive system made with wireless towers to provide high-performance internet that meets all of your needs. Our innovative technologies can’t be beaten, which means we provide high-quality service to all our customers.

Super-Fast Fixed Wireless in Pakenham

You don’t have to settle for conventional fixed-line internet here in Pakenham. Instead, you can reach out to Swoop to get speeds that allow you to access your favourite videos, games, and websites quickly. Our most popular plan offers you speeds of up to 120 Mbps!

What Is Swoop Fixed Wireless?

Our fixed wireless network allows you to get internet service without confusing cables or lines. Instead, we deliver internet connectivity through an antenna attached to your business or home. You don’t need an nbn™ connection or a phone line to use our wireless service, which can free up your home phone!

You can access our wireless internet through a router. All you have to do is plug this router into a data point installed in a wall in your home by a professional technician to start accessing the internet.

Is Fixed Wireless the Same as NBN?

Many homeowners in Pakenham are familiar with fixed-line internet, such as the services offered through the National Broadband Network (nbn™). The nbn™ broadband system uses cables to deliver your internet service instead of wireless transmissions.

Unfortunately, cables can wear out over time. Also, they often cost a lot of money and time to fix, leading to gaps in your internet service. While nbn™ plans work for many people, they may not compare to fixed wireless internet here in Pakenham.

Why Should I Choose It Over NBN?

So, how does our fixed wireless network compare to broadband offered through an nbn™ system? The majority of Australians get 100 Mbps or less through nbn™ service, leading to slow upload and download speeds and buffering when you try to watch videos.

Our wireless service can offer you speeds of up to 120 Mbps, leading to a much faster internet connection. Wireless internet also cuts down on the clutter of cords around your home and ensures you aren’t tethered to a single location in your home when you want to access the internet. Fixed Wireless internet is available in other regional areas such as Gippsland and Geelong.

Upgrade Your Internet in Pakenham

Take steps to get speedy and reliable fixed wireless internet in Pakenham by contacting Swoop. Our team uses a unique network of communication towers to deliver the internet you want at speeds that blow other services away. Allow us to begin the installation process quickly when you call us at 1300 66 55 75 and speak with a member of our dedicated team.

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